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Spousal Support in Oklahoma City, OK

Experienced Family Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK

Family Law Services

Your family deserves nothing but the best family lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK, and that's precisely what Bryan W. Caddell, P.C. provides during every case. When you and your loved ones are dealing with legal matters, depend on Bryan to stay by your side through every step of the process. Call today for a free consultation for family law services in Oklahoma City, OK.

Adoption & Termination of Parental Rights

Adoption regards giving parental rights to an individual who is not the child's natural or biological parent. Bryan W. Caddell, P.C. has extensive experience defending and prosecuting cases in adoption law. Rely on him to help you through this often-sensitive process.


In Oklahoma, alimony is determined based on need, ability to pay, and the length of the marriage. There is no mathematical formula for determining alimony amounts in our state, making it one of the most appealed topics in Oklahoma family law.

Child Support

Nothing is more important than the happiness and well-being of your children. In child support law, we work hard to ensure that parents have the support they need to raise their children. To determine child support, Bryan W. Caddell, P.C. considers the parties' current gross incomes, their past three years of income, their income capabilities, as well as healthcare costs, daycare costs, and time spent with each parent.


Custody is about more than where a child lives; it's also about providing you with the power to make important life decisions for your child, including educational, medical, and religious decisions. Trust Bryan to help you determine the best custody option for your family, including sole, joint, split, legal, and physical custody.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK


Divorce is difficult to go through, but having Bryan W. Caddell, P.C. on your side will make the legal aspect of the process less stressful. He deals mainly with no-fault divorces, but also works on conventional divorces in limited circumstances. These services are available for couples with and without children.

Child Support in Oklahoma City, OK


Guardianships involve providing individuals with temporary parental rights and are based on need and convenience. Call today for more information.


Non-custodial parents are entitled to limited visitation rights. These are determined in a subjective and discretionary process based on the best interests of the child.


Paternity services deal with matters of custody, child support, and visitation. Please note that this does not encompass property division or alimony.